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What kind of insurance do you need?

Everyone’s insurance needs are different, depending on their individual situation.

Do you own or rent your home? What is the value of your personal possessions? Do you have a car or recreational vehicle? Do you own a business? A broker can recommend the appropriate insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Some common types of insurance include:

  • Homeowners: For damage or loss to the structure and/or contents of you home.
    • Overland Flood: Specific coverage for flooding in your home due to a rising body of water or heavy rainfall.
    • Earthquake: Specific coverage for earthquake damage to your home.
  • Tenants: For your personal possessions in your rental unit.
  • Automobile: For your vehicle (required by law).
  • Commercial: For businesses, including loss, damage, liability or business interruptions.
  • Liability: for injury or damage caused to others.
  • Cyber: For losses related to data security breaches and internet risks.

Coverage details vary among insurance companies and policies, and with the many options available, it can be complicated. Your broker will help you assess your individual needs, explain the different policies and coverage, and ensure you get the right insurance at a competitive price.

How much insurance do you need?

Insurance is based on risk and the value of your assets. Your broker’s expertise will help you strike the right balance between acceptable risk and the cost of insurance, and ensure you will be appropriately covered in the event of a loss.

How do you make a claim?

If you experience an insurable incident, your broker can help you file a claim with the insurance company, and serve as your advocate through the claims process.

What is a deductible?

Most insurance policies have a deductible – the amount you are required to pay for each loss before receiving any compensation from the insurance company. A higher deductible may reduce the cost of your policy. Your broker can help you decide on a deductible amount that is right for you.